Why Would a Balding 19 Year Old Want Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) And Not Propecia?

This young man is enrolled in University of California in San Diego and has a career in Physics in front of him. He is very bright and he is balding already, now only in the crown, but he has early thinning evident in the frontal corners which may follow his father’s pattern of a Class 6 balding pattern.

He said, point blank, that he did not want to go through the four hair transplant surgeries that I did on his dad, even though, he admitted, his dad looked ‘good’. He was dead set against Propecia, for sound, rational reasons and understood clearly, that the decision not to take this drug would inevitably lead him to continue with the progressive balding process he is presently experiencing. He came to this decision having thought hard and long, and after doing considerable research on the subject. “My body has its own clock and my unique genetics and I have known this since I turned puberty. I fully realize that I am ready to go bald, if I must, but I don’t want to keep worrying about it, day in and day out. Now, I live under a base ball hat and I want to go out not worrying about my hair and my visible aging, balding head”

So he came to see me because he decided to have Scalp Micropigmentation. We discussed his changing natural hairline that may disappear with time, and he fully realize that the hairline that we will create with SMP will be permanent and that he was willing to accept the normal recession and adjust his styling, possibly locking in a short hair style (almost shaved look) for the rest of his life. He wanted for us to create a natural shape and configuration of a youthful hairline that he saw on our website on some of our hair transplant patients and on some men who shaved their head and never went bald. I told him that for a while, he will be able to let his hair grow out, until the frontal hairline recedes. He didn’t mind and liked the idea that once he had the SMP done, he would be finished with his hair problem and go on with his career as a physicist and focus on the rest of his life.

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