Can I Go To My Local Hair Transplant Doc for SMP?

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Can I Go To My Local Hair Transplant Doc for SMP?

Hair transplant doctors do not perform Scalp MicroPigmentation. They usually hire local cosmetic tattoo or tattoo specialist to work for them. As far as I know, only Dr. Pak performs SMP personally using our developed pigment and technique. Several prominent hair transplant doctors have come to have SMP on themselves by Dr. Pak which we take as a great compliment and acknowledgement of our expertise.

SMP is not standardized and everyone use different inks (pigments) and some (bad quality pigments) turn color. The machines and needles used are different. SMP is a simple concept but a difficult skill to perfect and few people learn it well. We see a lot of problems in the community and there is no real place to learn it.

I have invited one of our SMP patients to come to the ISHRS medical meeting two years ago, with 450 hair transplant doctors present. The world expert in the various alopecias was the guest lecturer and when she looked at him, she didn’t believe it until she touched his smooth, bald head with SMP. Her eyes and her fingers told her brain something entirely different (no stubble and only SMP). Over 400 doctors at the meeting did the same thing. My point is that if the person in your community can SHOW you their results in 6 or more patients, then seeing is believing. I would not go to anyone who can not show patients who had it done.

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