SMP for Women

This patient was getting married and wanted her hair to look thicker quickly for her upcoming wedding date. She was very concerned about not looking her best and wore her hair up (in a sort of bun) every time she went out to cover her thinning scalp. She could not imagine wearing her hair up in a bun for her wedding, and her husband-to-be preferred her to let her hair down. After the SMP was done, she was then able to take her hair out of the bun and walk around with the hairstyle of her choosing. This shows that SMP is an excellent treatment for thinning hair. The best part of this process is the speed of seeing results, most times on the very first visit.Woman with thinning hair. Her sister, mother and her grandmother has this same problem. We addressed her problem with scalp micropigmentation, but expect her sister to come in one of these days.Females with significant thinning hair in the crown and also found (not shown) all over her scalp with reduced hair density even in what we call the ‘permanent zone’. Scalp micropigmentation solved her problem easily but to do this without shaving her head, something that a women would not tolerate, it took over 30 hours of working time to work around her existing hair.39 year old woman with significantly thinning hair.  She was treated with scalp micropigmentation and was very, very happy with the results. Most of the women you see here are very similar and we expect more and more of these women to recognize that this treatment is available, affordable, non-surgical and very successful. This is one of our typical young female patients with thinning hair. Scalp micropigmentation solved her problem nicely. She was very happy with the procedure results.Very early balding in a 31 year old male. Rather than get a hair transplant, he chose to have SMP and was very satisfied with his decision.37 year old female with thinning hair, successfully treated with Scalp Micropigmentation.29 year old female patient with thinning hair successfully treated with scalp micropigmentation. Women like this, often have family histories of thinning with female members of her family.Female with thinning hair successfully treated with Scalp Micropigmentation26 year old female with thinning over the entire frontal and top area of the head. She combs her hair to the side to hide some of the balding and that styling technique partly works. With Scalp Micropigmentation, any styling will work. A women with thinning hair wanted who Scalp micropigmentation to cover not only the central part of the scalp, but also most of the scalp which shows the thinning as she changes her hair style. Now she can style her hair anyway she wanted. Female with thinning treated with scalp micropigmentation. This is one of our typical thinning female patients. Unfortunately, we did not clean her hair up at the time this after picture was taken, but if you look at the scalp between the before and after, the results are obvious.